These are two examples of poetry that I wrote for a Creative Writing class. I am including these artifacts to show my ability to create thoughtful and creative documents. I enjoy creative writing but one of the challenges of writing poetry is keeping the work accessible while also making it fairly abstract and metaphorical. I think that while they are brief they are two excellent examples of my creative writing skills.


The Encounter

A rush of wind brings with it a chill, dense fog

And some creature,

A wide seraphim smile hides some devious intentions

She approaches, not walking but flowing atop the gnarled roots

And damp soil of this earthen floor

She whispers to me tales of utopia

Dreams distract from my loss of control

Some forgiving smile crosses these lips even

 As hers begins to glow


Grass blows calming and birds sing lightly

Wispy white puffs scatter the endless blue frontier

Leaves shake and branches sway

And my head rests lightly

As I lay and dream of lands that are foreign and

Women as well


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